October 18, 2014
SF Citadel Queer Munch Debuts THIS SATURDAY, 10/18, 6 pm @ Wicked Grounds!

Are you queer-identfied, or are partnered with someone who is?

Are you attending a Citadel event for the first time and want to meet new friends or potential play partner?

Perhaps you’re not new, but you just want to meet other kinky queers in the area?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, the SF Citadel Queer Munch might just be the munch for you :)

We’ll go over and talk about Citadel rules if there’s a need and we’ll try to address any questions or concerns that people may have. Besides that, this will just be the occasion for kinky queers and partners to meet other kinky queers and partners.

This munch is for anyone who identifies as queer and their partners. By queer, we mean gay men, lesbians, fags, dykes, bisexuals, pansexuals, and polysexuals along with transfolk, those who are genderqueer, gender flexible, gender fluid, and gender fuckers. If the word queer feels like home for part of you or all of you, you are WELCOME. And when we say “partner” we mean everything from play partners to life partners.

Come have fun and get a bite to eat with other kinky queers, and we’ll all head on down to SF Citadel afterwards for TABOO, our very own event for edge play not commonly seen at most other events

October 18, 2014
Calling All Potential IMsL Volunteers: WE WANT YOU!


Want to be a part of helping put together the world’s leading BDSM event for leatherwomen, queers, and supporters AND save some money at the same time? This is your chance!

October 17, 2014
Early Bird Registration for IMsL 2015 is now open!


The first 50 registrations sold out in 2.5 hours! You can register until the end of December at the 2013 rate of $169 for a basic registration, $199 for an all inclusive rate and $249 as a Foundation Supporter.

Cruising, flirting, playing, watching, hot fun, education, connecting, shopping and…

October 13, 2014

Anytime you say “No cis men”, you’re implying trans men are less “manly” or less of men. Whether that’s your intention or not, that’s how it reads and it’s gross. Stop it.

October 11, 2014

At 33 years old, I’m currently out as queer, polyamorous, and kinky to most of my family (including my parents), my friends, and if you ask me about my sexual orientation or gender ID, I’ll tell you about it. But I took my time coming out, and that’s my choice.

On this National Coming Out Day, I hope we can remember that regardless of what a person may or may not be coming out as the decision of whether or not to come out should always be a personal one. Each person should be able to come out at their own time, on their own terms, and in their own way.

Coercion, peer pressure, and shaming have no place next to sexual freedom!

October 11, 2014
October San Francisco Littles Munch! Super Halloween Spectacular!! Wednesday, 10/22, 6 pm @ Wicked Grounds!

Cost: The cost of a treat, a drink, or a donation

Dress Code: Whatever pleases your inner little! Bonus points to those who come in costume!

October’s coming to a close; the weather’s getting chilly; and creepy costumes and decorations are being sold all over the place. All this can only mean one thing: HALLOWEEN IS COMING!

There will be a costume contest, Trick-or-Treating, and Spooktacular games…maybe even a scary or two! Getting excited for the scariest holiday of the year and can’t wait to get the fun started? You’re not going to miss this CREEPTASTIC edition of the San Francisco Littles Munch!

Our munch takes place at a coffee shop that is owned, staffed, and frequented by kinky people. So please feel free to arrive wearing whatever pleases your inner little, or bring something to change into. And of course, for this month bonus points will go to those who come wearing the best costumes!! Want to get the scary, sugar-filled festivities started with your friends old and new? This is the Littles Munch you’ll want to come to.

The San Fracisco Littles Munch is open to to all those who are into or curious about consensual age play between adults. So whether you identify as a baby, a little, a middle, a big, something in between, or if you’re new to it all and just want to meet people with similar interests, if you love to have fun and want to kick off Halloween in style, the San Francisco Littles Munch is where you will want to be!

October 9, 2014

I wonder if there’s a demand / need for a queer folk specific newbie munch?…Bay area folks, specifically Citadel attendees please chime in!

No plans at the present. My gears are just turning is all

October 9, 2014
2015 IMsL and IMsBB Judges Announced!


We will have pictures and bios up on the web shortly but here are your 2015 judges!

IMsL Judges:

From Alaska and our Head Judge, IMsL 2013, Sarha

Our current IML 2014, Ramien Pierre from Washington, DC

Returning from last year as a contestant to our international judge this year, Lydia Joie…

October 5, 2014
Sleepy Contest Reflections

So…it’s the morning after, and I have a feeling that having not won I’m suppose to feel more down in the dumps, but really, that’s not how I’m feeling right now. I am first and foremost, tired. Doing contest stuff from yesterday to when the contest itself ended at…10? Then going to the after for a few hours. Not to mention all the prep before. This experience tested EVERYTHING I have as a leather person and though I wish I could’ve performed better result-wise, the more deserving person won, and I am legitimately proud of myself for having made it through the whole contest…running around like a chicken and all giving it the best I could offer that night. I do not regret one bit having done this. To my home, SF Citadel: It was an honor getting to represent you. Heck, I actually had a lot of fun doing this whole thing and would probably even do it again if given the opportunity.

Thank you’s go to my amazingly helpful and patient handler @-allyn-. You made sure I stayed hydrated during the action-packed meet & greet and that I got dressed and ready with breathing time to spare before every around. You even brought extra sets of outfits for me for just in case and was tough with me when toughness was warranted. I could not have done any of this without you. Additional thank you’s go the wonderful people who were a part of my fantasy. Thank you for working with me and being so patient even though the terrors of acting were getting best of me. You are good folks. And of course, I’d have messed up if I didn’t thank everyone at the Citadel for trusting me to represent you. Here I want to give a shout out to @Shayblondie for rounding up stuff for my basket and putting the word out me. You and @Stefanos have been such support for me during this whole thing it’s incredible.

Congrats go out to Little Bad Daddy, the current titleholder! It was an privilege getting to compete against you. You did well thoughout the weekend and kicked butt during the contest itself. You’re an all-around class act, and I have no doubt great things will come from you this coming year! I look forward to helping in whatever way I can!

With all that said, I now have a brunch to get to! You see that? I actually get to go to brunch! :D


Three days after the fact, and I still feel good about intherooms whole thing. In fact, one can even say it was awesomer! I can’t believe I’m saying this!


So, it’s been a few days and I still feel fine. Tired, but I feel fine.

I re-read what I wrote just now and realized I forgot to thank the people who contributed to my auction basket. So…A big thanks to:

My sponsor @sf_citadel the event passes.

My good friend and awesome handler Allyn for what I’m calling a spring cane.

MsTender and the folks at SM Odyssey for the admission to the 2015 FolsomFringe.

Wicked Grounds for their awesome schwag.

Miss Lola Sunshine for the Good Vibes schwag.

Zabet for the honey and the massage certificate.

Mazikeen for the super snazzy pair of duct tape floggers.

The lovely Qatana for the two Rope Love patches.

The point of my auction basket is to showcase the awesome independent non-bar institutions and merchants in the Bay Area, and a key way to keep our institutions going is not only to sing their praises, but to support them financially. So if these are the kind of folks you wish to see keep going, please look up them and seek out out their services!

September 26, 2014

I NEED to find someone who can help me arrange my music for my Ms. SF LEATHER fantasy ASAP! Basically, I need a few parts of two songs together on one CD so at different parts of my fantasy I can play different things. If anyone can help me with this ASAP, PLEASE let me know! Thank you!

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